Newspapers & magazines


Het Parool

For most of my life, I have been making a living mainly writing for newspapers. Het Parool, a daily newspaper based in Amsterdam, hired me as a freelance jazz reviewer in the summer of 1979. Soon, I expanded my scope, doing interviews and columns and writing about other arts. I started writing as well for Jazz Nu, which is called Jazzism currently.

Algemeen Dagblad

I had to leave in 2000 when another newspaper, the combination Amersfoortse Courant/Utrechts Nieuwsblad, offered me a job as a staff writer, covering almost every imaginable subject . It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, having to raise a family. Almost immediately, the paper started cutting down expenses, but I managed to keep my job until I decided myself to leave in April, 2014.

De Groene Amsterdammer
HP De Tijd

It makes no sense, of course, to list all the articles I did  in all those years. But I should definitely add that I also wrote for jazz media and some high profile magazines, most notably De Groene Amsterdammer (dozens of big stories in the 90s) and HP/De Tijd, for which I wrote a 6000-words cover story.