Since the 80s, I provide ‘liner notes’ for records; texts for record sleeves and CD-inlays. I think I wrote about a hundred inlay-texts and, in the process, learned quite a bit of English as these liner notes are all directed at the international market. I am kind of the writer in residence of the series ‘North Sea Jazz / Legendary Concerts’ and the Edison-winning series ‘The Sesjun Radio Shows’. I am often hired as well by pianist, record producer and ‘Professor Bop’ Rein de Graaff.

Chet Baker | The Sesjun Radio Shows

North Sea Jazz | Jan Akkerman

Now Is The TimeSome of the countless CD’s Jeroen wrote liner notes for: Jan Akkerman in the series ‘North Sea Jazz / Legendary Concerts’, Chet Baker in the series ‘The Sesjun Radio Shows’ and one of the many CD’s of bebop master, session pianist and record producer Rein de Graaff: ‘Now is The Time’.