Chet Baker – His life and music

Finally: the ultimate revised, updated and expanded edition

Chet Baker was a star at 23 years old, winning the polls of America’s leading magazines. But much of his later life was overshadowed by his drug use and problems with the law. ‘Chet Baker / His life and music’ was Baker’s first biography, published a year after Baker’s passing in 1988. It was available in five languages.

Now finally, here is Jeroen de Valk’s thoroughly updated and ex-panded edition. De Valk spoke to Baker himself, his friends and col-leagues, the police inspector who investigated his death and many others. He read virtually every relevant word that was ever published about Chet and listened to every recording; issued or unissued.

The result of all this is a book which clears up quite a few misunder-standings. For Chet was not the ‘washed-up’ musician as portrayed in the ‘documentary’ Let’s Get Lost. His death was not thát mysterious.

According to De Valk, Chet was first of all an incredible improviser; someone who could invent endless streams of melody. ,,He delivered these melodies with a highly individual, mellow sound. He turned his heart inside out, almost to the point of embarrassing his listeners.’’

ISBN: 9789463381987
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Verschijningsdatum: Juni 2017
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